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A reminder about why I love my job

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Todays Global Express crew reminded me again why I love my job so much.

Initially, I went over to ask if they were OK with my photographing the aircraft from the outside. The captain met me at the top of the stairs and told me it was no problem at all and that I was welcome to take a look inside aswell.

And so I did, chatted with him for a good while, before going outside to take my photos. I asked if it was ok if I were to get my flash and then come back to take some photos of the cockpit, and that was fine too. They even offered me drinks and cookies.

Talking to a very laid back and social crew is always good and it’s the perfect way to interact with people from all over the world. It doesn’t matter whether someone is flying a smaller General Aviation aircraft or the biggest aircraft in the world, they’ll always have a story to tell. In this case, the added bonus was a look inside this beautiful aircraft, such a nice experience. It definately made my day! It’s not always so much about the photos (although I’m happy with them of course), but the whole experience of interacting with such a cool crew is just so enjoyable.