Amsterdam Light Festival ’16-’17

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It’s become a sort of semi-tradition to go into Amsterdam at the end of the year to do the photowalk of the Amsterdam Light Festival. Even though we skipped last year, plans were made to go in the final days of 2016. As usual, this edition also featured some pretty nice art and lighting situations.

We started around 18:45 and I ended up taking the train home around 00:30. You could do it faster than that, but we just took our sweet time setting up the cameras to get the photos we wanted. In addition to taking static photos from my tripod, I also took advantage of the opportunity to try my ‘new’ 85mm 1.8 in a non-aviation environment. I’m pretty happy with the results it got me, especially in regards to the portrait photos of people.

Below you will find my favorite photos from the evening.

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