G20 traffic in Hamburg

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Early July, the G20 summit was to take place in Hamburg, Germany. I still had a few days off during that time and a quick last-minute decision was made to attend. It turned out to be a great trip and saw many government aircraft in good light. Pictures below!

Having only decided the day before leaving, I had to scramble for a hotel and actually managed to find a nice one for a very decent price. And also far outside the city, where wasn’t going anyway due to the many (violent) riots that were going to take place. Once I arrived in Hamburg, I spent my afternoon at Finkenwerder. This is where Airbus has a facility to build their planes. It’s a bit quiet, but once there is a movement, it’s always a good movement. Afterwards, I went to the main Hamburg airport to catch a Brazilian Embraer 190. The light couldn’t have been better!

Members of the Brazilian delegation.

Once I bagged that aircraft, I went to my hotel to rest up as the next day would be a long one. Meeting some friends in the morning, we spent some hours on a bridge at the airport (together with 100 other people..). During that time, we saw mostly regular traffic, but also 2 government aircraft.

The South African delegation.

The Chinese delegation.

After those 2 movements, we took off from this side of the airport to find our prime afternoon spot. This meant we had to miss out on the Canadian A310, Brazilian Embraer 135 and Australian B737 BBJ, but it would hopefully pay off later. It was pretty much an all or nothing gamble, but if it turned out to be all, you have the best photos. Plus we wanted to make sure that no-one got to our spot first.

The American delegation.

Right behind Air Force One was the South Korean delegation.

Members of the French delegation. President Macron arrived the next day in a Falcon 7X (I wasn’t there).

The Japanese delegation.

The Senegalese delegation.

The Saudi delegation.

The Vietnamese delegation.

The Spanish delegation.

The Turkish delegation.

The Indian delegation.

The Indonesian delegation.

The UK delegation.

All in all it was a really fun trip and I will definitely go back sometime. The main Hamburg airport is quite nice and offers many different spots to photograph from. But of course Finkenwerder is a great place to hang out and see some rare and very new birds.

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