Looking back on 2015

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As 2015 is coming to an end, it’s time to look back on the year. The last few days, I went over all my trips, highlights and travel statistics to create this post. I’ve put in images to make some stats more visible and linked my favorite photos and videos from 2015.

Interested in what I’ve been up to this past year? Just have a look, enjoy!

2015 flight stats:
43 Flights
9 Airlines (of which 6 new)
5 Private Operators
23 Types (of which 6 new)
21 Airports (of which 15 new)
7 Countries (of which 5 new)
2015 flights visualized (World & European map):

Visited countries visualized (2015 and total):


* Hong Kong (amazing city and new favorite)

* Philippines (beautiful country)

* Norway (beautiful country and have witnessed one of the most spectacular weather/aviation moments ever)

* Ushuaia (amazing scenery and the Southernmost city in the world)

* El Calafate (Perito Moreno glacier)

* Rio de Janeiro (a must-have, had a great tour of the city)

* Flying to the Texel airshow and camp under the aircraft overnight

* Scenic flight on the PBY-5 Catalina, with 2 splash & go’s on the Ijsselmeer

Favorite videos of 2015:
Hong Kong & Philippines (playlist)

Argentina & Rio

Some of my favorite photos of 2015:

My favorite panoramas of 2015 (click to enlarge – opens in a new window):
‘The Peak’ / Victoria Peak – Hong Kong
The Peak


Perito Moreno glacier
C---Panorama_Perito Moreno


‘Gate to Heaven’ – Rosinha favela, Rio de Janeiro


Copacabana – Rio de Janeiro



In conclusion, 2015 was a pretty good year!

January was the month of a long trip to Hong Kong and the Philippines. I didn’t really have Asia very high on my to-visit list, but this trip was amazing. I loved Hong Kong and even though we were only in the Philippines for a week, it was awesome. The countryside was beautiful and the whole visit was definitely a great experience.

Late February, it was time to visit Norway for the first time. On the list were photography at Olso Gardermoen airport, logging some new aircraft types and visiting a friend in Bergen. None of them let me down! Photography at Oslo was awesome, with good weather conditions and good company. Bergen is a lovely city and going up the Fløyen mountain really gave a good overview of the city. Definitely on the list to go back to sometime. In terms of flying, I did log the new types that I wanted.

In May, I went to South America with a friend. Argentina and Rio de Janeiro were on the list. Man, what a trip! An exhausting amount of flying, but such amazing sceneries as well. The Southernmost city in the world has been conquered and seeing a glacier has been striked off the bucket list . For more on this, check out the trip report!

Upon returning from South America, the airshow season was about to start. I ended up going to 2 this year; one being the bi-annual Oostwold airshow, where I was a volunteer marshaller for the third time. The other one was the Texel airshow, which was a first for me. Together with 2 others, we flew in with a small aircraft and set up our tents next to the aircraft. For me, an ultimate GA experience. Oh, and the airshow was good too! ;)

As far as flying goes, 2015 was undoubtedly my top year to date as I nearly doubled the amount of flights from the runner-up year. Some of the flights that stand out for me; a local flight in a C172 to make aerial photographs of the airport. Those prints hang in various offices at work now. Another one is tagging along on a local test flight in a Citation Mustang. Bad weather, but still a comfortable flight with plenty of photo opportunities. In March I ‘cashed’ in the prize from a photo contest – a flight in a Eurofox light aircraft. We flew from Middenmeer to Texel for lunch and back after some aerial sightseeing over Texel and that part of the country. Good times!

And last but not least, various trips to the UK were made as well. At times, flying there feels more like a bus service (essentially, it is just that of course), but it’s always good to be visiting.

I doubt I’ll be topping all of the above in 2016, but you never know! Ideas can quickly develop into something more :)


Here’s to a great 2016 for everyone!


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