A Boeing 727 at Eelde!

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Late June, we got a really nice present from the Oil Spill Response team. They were to send over one of their Boeing 727’s to land and spend a night at Eelde. With a few hours delay, G-OSRA finally became airborne as ‘BRO06’ and set course to Eelde. Naturally I had to be there to see this with my own eyes!

G-OSRA is the very last Boeing 727 that was built and this would only be the 4th ever visit of a Boeing 727 at Eelde. A special event as you can imagine, as there aren’t many operational ones left in Europe. There are actually only 2, both operated by Oil Spill Response. This operator is sort of a joint venture between several oil companies. The aircraft are used to help clean up oil spills (surprise!).

So it all unfolded, a scenario that I didn’t dare dream of was about to happening. The aircraft arrived on runway 05 with a nice greaser of a touchdown and rolled out to the apron. Once on the apron, I was able to have a quick look inside before the doors were shut. Photos below!

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