Oostwold Airshow ’15

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Last weekend, the bi-annual Oostwold Airshow took place again in the Northern part of the Netherlands. Just like the previous 3 editions, I was on the marshalling team. I enjoy the atmosphere of these shows and since I love working with planes, it’s a no-brainer for me to volunteer. Luckily the weather played ball, which helped make it a great weekend!

This year was the first edition that featured a 2-day airshow, as it always used to be 1 day in the past. May 24/25 were the chosen days, with aerobatics domination the Sunday and the warbirds on Monday. I got to the airshow early and we had plenty of time to explore the airfield before any movements would take place. The layout was different than at the previous shows, but it didn’t take long to get a feel for it. The weather was beautiful, with blue skies and a lot of sun. Everything went smooth, visiting aircraft were swiftly parked and time went fast. Before we knew it, the show started and we were positioned next to the runway in prime position. During the displays we didn’t have a lot to do, which meant that I could take some photos. Everyone put on a great display and all in all a great day out. I got a bit of a sunburn, but nothing too serious (although my ears might diasagree with that!).

The weather forecast for Monday however wasn’t too good. It would likely remain dry, but cloudy. In the end, it wasn’t all that bad. In the morning, there were very dark clouds drifting by, but after those passed, it actually became sunny and warm. I guess at least the first third of the airshow had sun, after which clouds did come in and seemingly stayed put right over the airfield. About a kilometer away, it was sunny, but our clouds just did not move at all.

Visiting aircraft were slowly coming in, but it didn’t take long before the circuit was filled. They were landing 1-2 minutes behidn each other and the 5-strong marshalling team was definitely needed at that moment to not get a huge backlog. A bit of improvising was required when it came to who would park where, but it all went like clockwork. I dare say a good job by us all!

Once we got the word that all visiting aircraft were in, it was time for the show to start. Some displays from the previous day also performed on Monday, but most people were looking forward to the warbirds. The show also featured a few nice formation flights, including the Bronco with the Dutch Thunder Yaks (before their solo acts). The warbird formation consisted of a Corsair, 2 Mustangs and a Spitfire. In total I think we had 3 Mustangs, 3 Spitfires, a Corsair and a Hurricane. Not a bad line-up if you ask me!

After the Dutch Hawker Hunter and Catalina paid us a visit, the show was at its end and the majority of the aircraft departed back to their homebase. It should’ve been quite a sight on any radar, a massive ‘fleet’ of aircraft departing Oostwold just minutes after each other. Another edition of the airshow brought to a good end and in my opinion one of the best since I started volunteering.


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