Oostwold Airshow ’17

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Last weekend, the bi-annual Oostwold airshow was held for the 9th time. Of those 9 editions, I’ve now been present for 5 of them. Not just as a visitor, but as a volunteer. Marshalling is my thing and I love hanging out around planes like this. And while the displays are taking place over our heads, I also have some moments to take photos. A win-win for everyone!

With 2 new people in our group (of 5), the morning of the first day started out with a round of introductions and a briefing of what we could expect, what (not) to do, etc. Afterwards, we set out towards the field for a bit of recon. It’s important to know where and how you’ll be parking planes, so you don’t have to immediately start improvising from the start.

Once everything was clear, it was only a matter of waiting for the visiting aircraft to arrive. We had less parking space to work with than in previous shows and in the end, we were really scrambling for space to park the aircraft as we tried to keep most parts of the fence clear. The goal being that the airshow visitors would have an unobstructed view of the show.

The show started around 12:00 and went on until about 17:00. The morning was pretty sunny, but as the day progressed, clouds rolled in. It made for challenging photography conditions, but the show was good. After the show ended, the visiting aircraft made their way home and we called it a day as well. I tried to find our coordinator to say bye, and found him at the Storyteller arena (an aviation-themed theatre group) on the show grounds. They were doing karaoke with a piano and having a good time. I ended up sticking around for a couple of hours. The Red Devil display team (from Belgium) had their stand next to this location and after a while they also came over, bringing Belgian beer and joining us in the karaoke. More and more people began showing up and it really was a great time. A perfect way to unwind after a looooong day.

Day 2 started sunny as well, so I went for a quick photo mission at the warbird section before ‘work’ started. In general, I found the displays to be better than on day 1. The weather was also a bit more cooperative, with some good sunny spells during the day. The highlight was of course the warbird block, in which the Spitfires, Mustangs, Hawk/Warhawks did their thing. The formation passes of 4 spitfires was also quite unique and great to see. As the show ended, the visiting aircraft left as well, creating a nice traffic jam on the taxiway.

After the show, I stayed behind for a quick and simple dinner before heading home. All in all, it was a good edition of the airshow again and I look forward to next time.

Below you will find some of the photos I took over the course of the entire airshow. Enjoy!


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