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Recently I’ve had a first in terms of photo use and also entered a photo competition (something I don’t usually do, but when I do…). In this blog entry, I will explain the kind of photo request I received aswell as how I did in the competition.

First I’d like to talk about an out-of-the-box request that I received a while ago. At first, I thought it was about hanging one of my photos on a wall. But after the initial E-mail conversation, I learned that it was actually a much bigger thing. Something I had never seen or done before.

The person who contacted me wanted to use one of my photos on a wall of his son’s bedroom. The photo had to be approx. 4 x 3 meters, which is by far the biggest size I’ve edited a photo for. After tweaking it a few times to get the measurements right, both him and I were satisfied with the result.

A few weeks later, I received the good news that the photo had been applied on the wall and I was sent a few photos of the result. I think it looks amazing and I’m very honored to have my photo on their wall. See for yourself (the first photo is the original, the other 3 were the ones that I was sent)!


The other thing I wanted to write about is the fact that I entered a photo competition a few weeks ago.
It was hosted by Cameraland, a Dutch camera store which hosts several photo competitions, with various themes.

This time, the topic was aviation and I couldn’t resist to send in a submission. For my entry, I chose the marshalling selfie that I made last winter, which I edited in semi-Black & White.

After a while, I completely forgot about it, but learned via Facebook that I had actually won! *shock*
Out of almost 1000 entries, a jury made a shortlist of 25 photos and my photo was the winner. Again, very honored to be picked above a lot of my peers, all of whom had submitted excellent and jaw-dropping photos. I would also like to thank everyone who voted for my photo during this competition!

The prize for me is a scenic flight above the province of Noord-Holland, in a Eurofox. It will be the first time for me setting foot in a light aircraft, but I’m looking forward to it. The date and details of the flights are still to be determined, but of course photos (and possibly video) will find its way online.

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