Diversions at Eelde

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Diversions at Eelde

On Friday, the Dutch meteorological office already issued warnings (code orange/red) for several parts of the country. There was a cold front moving over the country and as a result it would become very windy, paired with heavy showers of rain.
When driving to work in the afternoon, the city of Groningen was still getting lots of sun and I didn’t think much of any storm yet. But soon after I started my shift, I received a call from KLM operations, asking us about our capabilities of receiving diversions. That was when the fun started!

Going around at London Heathrow

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I recently had my first go-around on a commercial aircraft. Due to the pilots’ announcements on the PA before and during the flight I decided to film the last 2 minutes of our approach. This resulted in getting our go-around on video.