Texel Airshow ’15

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A week before the show, I spoke with a friend about the possibility of flying to the airshow. When checking, there was still an aircraft available at his former flight school, we had the time and there were still slots at Texel.

Within a day or 2, the plan materialized and everything was arranged. Just in time too, because the next day Texel stated that it wasn’t accepting any more visiting aircraft. With some 250 aircraft already planned, the airport had reached its capacity for the weekend.

Another friend was now coming along as well, which meant a full load for our TB-10. As a result, we had to take good care in calculating the weight & balance. In the end, each of us could only take up to 10kg of luggage. ‘Basic’ needs, camera equipment and a tent were the most important items and would surely be brought along, leaving some other useful but not very necessary items at home.

We met up at Lelystad airport, from where we would depart. Pre-flight checks, packing and fueling were quickly dealt with and we took off at our agreed time of 17:30. It was already clear that we weren’t the only ones going there, with lots of traffic stating over the radio that their destination was Texel. The flight itself was very smooth and we had no problems whatsoever.

After landing, we taxied to our parking spot and discussed what to do next. We were all quite hungry, so we decided to head to the restaurant for food and drinks first. It was time for burgers and beer and the restaurant lived up to their good name once again. Afterwards, we headed back to the aircraft. By this time, it was calculated that ideally we needed some fuel for the return flight. Best option was to do that now, while it was still quiet with aircraft movements.
Once we got back to our parking spot, it was time to set up the tents and get everything ready for the night. All 3 of us brought very simple tents, so putting them up was a piece of cake.

With a very interesting flight line just up ahead, we wanted to take night photos there. For this, it of course had to be dark, so we passed time by playing cards in the aircraft. When it was finally dark enough, we headed over to the most interesting visitor – the P-38 Lightning. Such a beauty!
We spent a lot of time trying to photograph it and by the time we headed back to the tents, it was already 00:30.

Sleeping wasn’t very comfortable, mostly because I left my air mattress at home (weight & balance didn’t allow for me to bring it and I figured I’d survive for just one night). I did get some hours of sleep, but was kind of relieved when it was time to get up. We had breakfast at the restaurant and noticed people already arriving at the airfield. We wanted a good spot, so headed back to the aircraft, got our gear and found a nice place to spend the day. First there was a good amount of visiting aircraft arriving, with the show starting at 12:30. The participants were interesting and the weather was pretty decent throughout the day (besides shooting against the sun for the majority of the day). I’ll let the photos (see below!) do the talking.

After the show, it was also time for us to head back, but not before joining the take-off queue and waiting in line for a good 20-30 minutes. But such is the life at an airshow and I didn’t mind at all. The whole weekend was a great experience and I loved the idea of camping at the aircraft.
Hopefully we can repeat the experience with the next edition!


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