What a week!

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It’s been a while, but it’s time for another blog post. With the quality of the (air)traffic that I’ve been seeing the past week, I just had to write something. As you probably gathered by now I have a strong passion for aviation and whenever something cool/interesting/special is in the neighborhood, I will want to check it out. And recently I can’t complain at all! A breakdown (with photos at the end):

On the third of August, we had the pleasure to welcome a KDC-10 of the Royal Dutch Air Force at the airport. The KDC-10 is based on the DC-10 passenger version, but this one is equipped with a tank boom in the back, for air-to-air refueling (hence the “K” designation in the name).

The reason for their visit was some practise approaches and initially they planned on doing 2. The first approach looked a bit shaky, so they went into the missed approach fairly far away from the runway. On the ground, we were hoping this was a one-off and that he would make another one, lower or an actual touch & go. And they did! A perfectly executed touch & go on the second try.

But that wasn’t all, they came back for more! The third one was a low flight over the runway, drifting over the whole runway length at a height of about 2m. It even made a fourth and fifth approach, both of which were touch and go’s again.

The next day, the Pilatus PC-7’s of the Air Force found their way up North. The Air Force uses them as initial trainers, before the cadets specialize in an aircraft type. We do get them every once in a while, maybe 1 or 2. But today, 3 of them came by for a refuel and lunch. Just when it seemed it couldn’t get any better, the following day we could welcome 5 of them! Again for refuel and lunch during their training flight.

And a day later, one of my personal favorite visits; It was a very very busy afternoon and I got word that 2 Canadair CL-415 water bombers of the French ‘Securite Civile’ were inbound, together with a Beech 200 support aircraft (used for reconnaissance). They were on their way from Marseille (France) to Stockholm (Sweden) to help the Swedish authorities fight the major forestfire about a 100km from the capital. Besides the French, the Italians were also on their way to Sweden, but they didn’t route through Eelde.

I had never seen these aircraft before and when I marshalled them, I was very impressed with their size. Luckily I had a few moments here and there in between work in which I could take some photos (and of course I did!). The weather played ball aswell, with a few gaps of blue sky and sun every once in a while.

All in all, it’s been a great week and one that I won’t forget easily. Hopefully there will be many more highlights this year!

And as promised, photos!


Edit 13-08-2014:
Yesterday they were at the airport again, on their way home to Marseille. I was able to take some more photos, but also marshalled with my GoPro on my head. The result can be seen below!

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